JG52 The Deutsch Budak Budacu airfield 1944

JG52 The Deutsch Budak Budacu airfield 1944
Witness to John Cobbey’s attack on Otto Fönnekold.
Mr. Capitan Toader, aged 84, living in Budus, witnessed John Cobbey’s attack on Fönnekold:
At the time he was 14. He was on Ulm (Elm) Hill, East of the village (478 m.). There came two airplanes, flying high and low. Otto Fönnekold landed, and the second airplane came low behind him. A single burst was heard, and the second airplane took off to the sky and disappeared towards Romania (towards Reghin). The german airplanes on the field took off quickly, but until they got airborne, the enemy plane had vanished.
Otto Fönnekold’s body was brought with an automobile through Budus to Budacu de Jos and deposited in Bignner’s house.
All the Saxon men and women cried at his funeral, he was only 24 years old. He was carried with a fanfare to the saxon cemetery, where he was buried. After the war he was dug up and, for unknown reasons, he was buried on the plateau where now is the Heroes’ Cemetery in Budacu de Jos.

Along with Leutnant Otto Fonnekold (Vonnekold) 5./JG52 schwarz 9 airplane model: Bf 109G-6 serial: 441931, the following pilots died during the fights: Unteroffizier (sergeant) Fritz Zaubitzer 5./JG52 gelb 10 airplane model: Bf 109G-6 serial: 165013 (Herina or Teaca), Hans Otto Junge 10./JG52 gelb 6 airplane model: Bf 109G-6 serial: 16513?? (Herina or Teaca) and Heinz Krah 6./JG52 gelb 2
airplane model: Bf 109G-6 760225 (Frunzeni).

About the retreat from Romania to Budak airfield

Unteroffizier (Sergeant) Wilhelm Maassen, 5/JG52, flying a Messerschmitt Bf-109 G, photographs from Transylvania – Deutsch-Budak 1944.

On September 23rd 1944, taking off from Budak, Wilhelm Maassen shot down a Romanian IAR-80, and on September 25th 1944 three more Romanian airplanes between Turda and Cluj.

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